Can we create user in keyboard?

No, we cannot create user in Keyboard.

Yes, we can upgrade the firmware for key board.

64 User and guest unlimited we can create and per user can access 2048 devices

Yes, we can control with latest ONVIF protocol in keyboard.

Through Multi Button we can switch camera in multiple Preview.

Matrix/DVM: use to control M30, M60 or M70 this is only possible via COM Port. NVMS/DSS: control for VMS NVS: (Network Video Server) HD Network video Decoder Speed Dome, DVR & NVR

The default username: admin & default Password: 888888

No. we can’t upgrade the firmware directly from USB pen drive.

Through play key we can see the playback of device which is connected.

Two communication mode to call zone (First by ID or second by Name)

Coaxial Cable is the primary type of cabling used by the cable television industry and is also widely used for computer networks such as Ethernet. Although more expensive than standard telephone wire, coaxial cable is much less susceptible to interference and can carry much more data.

The most common coaxial type to carry video signals is RG-59 B/U type 75ohm coaxial cable.

Yes. Over time, a coaxial cable will degrade and need to be replaced in order to maintain the integrity of the signal.

Coaxial cable uses two conductors that share a common axis. In triaxial cable, there are three conductors that share an axis. Twinaxial is different because it uses two twisted conductors surrounded by a common shield. The conductors in twinaxial cable don’t technically share an axis but are twisted together, giving the cable the “feel” of a shared axis.



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