May, 10 2024

CP PLUS Spearheads Innovation in Electronics Security at ELCINA's 4th Electronics Supply Chain Summit 2024

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Noida, 9th May – CP PLUS, a trailblazer in security and surveillance solutions, proudly facilitated ELCINA's 4th Electronics Supply Chain Summit 2024 as the lead Security & Surveillance Partner, reaffirming its commitment to driving transformative strategies within the electronics industry. With a focus on emerging opportunities amidst heightened risk scenarios, the conference served as a pivotal platform for industry leaders, government agencies, and policymakers to collaborate and identify growth prospects within the security products industry.

Over the years, CP PLUS has been at the forefront of innovation and thought leadership, actively participating in the Electronics Supply Chain Summit to advocate for the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and best practices in security and surveillance. This year's summit was no exception, as CP PLUS showcased its indomitable spirit in leveraging technology, opportunities, and possibilities to indigenize innovations tailored to India's evolving security needs.

Mr. Aditya Khemka, Managing Director of CP PLUS, delivered the inaugural speech at the summit, offering valuable insights into the immense potential of the electronics security and surveillance industry in India. Mr. Khemka underscored CP PLUS's unwavering commitment to driving innovation and excellence, emphasizing the brand's role in spearheading transformative strategies to address the evolving security landscape.

"In an era marked by unprecedented challenges and opportunities, the electronics security and surveillance industry plays a pivotal role in safeguarding our nation's assets and ensuring public safety," remarked Mr. Khemka. "At CP PLUS, we are dedicated to harnessing the power of technology to meet India's evolving security needs and drive positive change across the industry."

Mr. M.A. Johar, President of Strategic Business at CP PLUS, also made significant contributions to the summit by participating in a special panel discussion tailored for security agencies and police authorities. During this session, Mr. Johar delineated the initiatives undertaken by CP PLUS to strengthen the technological capabilities and existing security measures of Indian security and armed forces. Through strategic collaborations and innovative solutions, CP PLUS remains committed to bolstering the nation's security infrastructure and enhancing the operational efficiency of security agencies.

"The security challenges facing our nation require a multi-faceted approach that leverages technology, expertise, and collaboration," stated Mr. Khemka. "At CP PLUS, we are proud to partner with government agencies and security forces to develop customized solutions that address their unique requirements and empower them to effectively combat emerging threats."

ELCINA's 4th Electronics Supply Chain Summit 2024 served as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and collaboration within the electronics industry, paving the way for greater innovation and growth opportunities. As the lead Security & Surveillance Partner, CP PLUS remains committed to driving positive change and shaping the future of electronics security in India.

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