Jun, 18 2024

CP PLUS Expands its Footprint to the Deepest Corners of India With the Newest CP PLUS Galaxy Store Opening in Mysore, the total grows to 37

cp plus

With the opening of the 37th CP PLUS Galaxy Store and 7 CP PLUS World Experience Centers, the brand is breaking boundaries and barriers to spread a dependable sense of security to Indians everywhere.

Rapidly expanding its footprint across the country, CP PLUS has been diligently growing its channel network in Tier II & III towns. The CP PLUS Galaxy Stores initiative is more than just a channel strategy, it's a commitment to promoting self-reliance and innovation not only in the security and surveillance sector but across the country.

The CP PLUS Galaxy Stores is a network of exclusive CP PLUS Partner Stores that the brand has launched in collaboration with local distributors in each state to make CP PLUS products more accessible to the masses.

The brand has also launched CP PLUS World, a network of state-of-the-art experience centers strategically located in six metropolitans across India. These centers provide customers, partners, and security enthusiasts with an immersive and interactive experience of CP PLUS' cutting-edge security solutions. The latest of these has been inaugurated along with the new CP PLUS Branch Office and Service Center in Kochi, Ernakulam.

These focused endeavors underscore CP PLUS' commitment towards empowering its customers while driving progress in the security industry, both in India and around the world. Through these cumulative efforts, CP PLUS is not only showcasing its leadership in the security and surveillance industry but also embracing the "Make in Bharat" spirit.

Moreover, continuously expanding the brand’s channel network, CP PLUS has been partnering with local distributors across the country to open one-of-a-kind exclusive CP PLUS Galaxy stores to enhance its supply chains across tier II and III towns spread all over India. With 37 CP PLUS Galaxy and many CP PLUS Exclusive Partner stores already established, dozens more are set to be launched in the next few months.

CP PLUS has emerged as an instigator of positive change by incorporating itself at the forefront to make security more and more accessible to the masses. Today, the brand’s considerable efforts, determination, and perseverance have made tremendous progress in making cutting-edge CCTV cameras affordable to common people. Unquestionably, CP PLUS is the only Indian company that has been continuously making significant investments spearheaded by the CP PLUS Galaxy Stores, CP PLUS World Experience Centers, and CP PLUS Preferred Partner Stores to revolutionize the entire surveillance industry.

Empowering citizens with a sense of security they can depend upon, CP PLUS is a pioneer Indian brand working to provide not just physical safety but an enhanced standard of living to the global population. This has given birth to the brand’s resolute commitment to saturate the Indian and Asian markets with leading-edge solutions that have been integrated with a multitude of advantageous features.

At CP PLUS, the team always measures success by the number of lives the brand has impacted and how its solutions have contributed to improving the way people live and connect. Every new product created for the surveillance industry by CP PLUS has been crafted with the aim of making lives more livable even in the darkest corners of society. All of the brand’s initiatives to take advantage of emerging technologies are focused on delivering dependability so that India can continue to grow at a fast and reliable pace.

Customer centricity is at the heart of CP PLUS as the brand always ensures that its products and services are better aligned with the ever-changing demands and preferences of its users. By prioritizing a more customer-centric approach, CP PLUS delivers more than anticipated, which has been witnessed by the strengthening of loyalty for CP PLUS in the Indian market. More than anything, the CP PLUS team strives to innovate a better, safer, smarter future for all.

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